St. John has a strong commitment toward physical education and participation in team sports. We have a full-time Athletic Director who coaches the school in sports and nutrition with varied activities and exercises. There are multiple opportunities for boys and girls of all ages to participate in a team sport.

St. John Physical Education

Physical Education plays a critical role in developing the whole student. St. John School and Benchmark Athletics have teamed up to provide a quality physical education program that develops increased self-esteem and an appreciation of health among our students.

Our program understands that in order to experience feelings of success and achievement in a physical activity setting, the children will maximally benefit from being exposed to a variety of movement forms. Our trusty and quality Physical Education program serves as an important role in developing social skills, motor skills, physical fitness and an understanding of concepts that foster lifelong healthy lifestyles.

With Benchmark Athletics proprietary curriculum and unique style of teaching, our PE program takes a combined 30 years of teaching experience to cater to the needs of our students. By focusing on safety and fun as the two key components, our PE program produces the consistency of success that students, parents, and teachers all enjoy.

St. John Team Sports

St. John School fields team sports through Catholic Youth Organization (CYO) and San Francisco Parks and Recreation. We focus on having fun while learning the skills of each sport, not necessarily on “winning”. Good sportsmanship is imperative for competitors, coaches and parents. We embrace CYO’s motto: Remember: the game is for the kids. Nonetheless, our kids are often competitive in the leagues and we have been blessed with several championship teams over the years.

Our Teams

St. John School participates in the following team sports:

  • Kindergarten Co-ed T-Ball (San Francisco Youth Baseball League–SFYBL)
  • Grade 1–2 Co-ed Coach-Pitch Baseball (SFYBL)
  • Grade 3-8 Co-ed Baseball (CYO)
  • Grade 3–8 Girls and Boys Basketball (CYO)
  • Grade 3–8 Co-ed Cross Country (CYO)
  • Grade 3–8 Girls and Boys Soccer (CYO)
  • Grade 3-8 Co-ed Track and Field
  • Grade 3-8 Girls and Boys Volleyball (CYO)