Welcome to St. John School’s Middle School Program (6th – 8th grade)!

St. John School’s middle school teaching guidelines follow the California State Standards (Common Core) and are shaped by Catholic teachings, doctrine, and tradition. Sixth grade students receive language arts, religion, and social studies instruction from their homeroom teacher, then rotate for math and science instruction. Seventh and eighth grade students begin each day with their respective homeroom teachers and then rotate for math, science, language arts, social studies, and religion. In addition, each middle school class receives PE and nutrition education twice a week from our Athletic Director and weekly Spanish language instruction from our dedicated Spanish teacher. Special music, dance, technology, and art classes rotate through the middle school curriculum in 6-week segments.  

St. John School is blessed with a large recess yard nestled between our terraced garden and the Glen Park Greenway. St. John’s middle school students enjoy outdoor recess twice a day and lunch outdoors (weather permitting).

Leadership Training

St. John’s middle school leadership training program gives students an opportunity to grow in depth of character, value for service, and self-respect during the critical years between elementary and high school. Leadership education is offered in the 6th, 7th, and 8th grades. Through this training, students recognize that they can be leaders in every aspect of life. Taking ownership and responsibility for learning and actions are key components of the Leadership program. Students learn skills to help them solve problems, face challenges, serve the community, and organize and implement activities. Among other responsibilities, students in the leadership program demonstrate their growing skills by leading our school tours for prospective families. 

Annual Science Fair

Under the leadership of St. John’s middle school science instructor, St. John’s sixth, seventh, and eighth grades students complete individual Science Fair projects. Based on the Randall Museum guidelines, the top three projects at each grade level are judged and selected to move on to the Randall Museums Science Fair, and possibly the Bay Area Science Fair. In the past ten years, St. John School has proudly sent students to the regional and state science fairs!

Technology Education

St. John middle school students incorporate technology for research, writing, and individual and class projects. A variety of software programs and apps are used by the students. These include, but are not limited to, Apple programs such as Keynote and Pages; Microsoft programs such as Excel, Word, and Powerpoint; Google Docs, Sheets, Slides, Classroom; Prezi; Quizlet. All St. John students have a school email account that is used for communication regarding school assignments and communication to and from teachers.

Field Trips

All middle school classes expand classroom education with grade-appropriate, carefully supervised field trips. Field trips offer students fresh learning environments, build their confidence, and expose them to teaching not readily available in a classroom setting. Supervision is provided by classroom teachers and parent volunteers. Field trip destinations vary by year, however annual middles school highlights include:

Sixth grade visits the Asian Art Museum, the Marine Mammal Center, the De Young Museum, the Ecostewards program that is part of Recology, and the San Francisco Department of the Environment. In addition, the 6th grade participates in a hike lead by the members of the Wilderness Program sponsored by the San Francisco Police Department. 

Seventh grade attends Nature Bridge in the Marin Headlands for three days. Students learn about the ecosystems that live in the headlands and what other ecosystems are similar in other parts of the Bay Area. Stewardship of the environment is also a large component of the program.

Eighth grade field trips include a visit to the Academy of Science and the class looks forward to an annual two-day off-campus retreat.

Student Council 

St. John’s Student Council provides opportunities for leadership and service by hosting a Student Council program. Middle school students are eligible to compete for election to serve in a variety of Student Council offices. Responsibilities of the council include running morning assembly & prayer, special assemblies, coordinating (or helping coordinate) various drives at the school, and appreciation days for Fire Fighters and Law Enforcement.  In addition, any time the school administration needs help with special programs, prayer services, and service events, the Student Council is called on to assist. 

How do I enroll my child?

Visit our Admissions page to learn more about enrolling your child in St. John School’s middle school program. We invite you to schedule a tour to learn more about our school.

Parent Volunteers

All adults, including parents and family members, who volunteer on the school campus or for any school field trips and activities must complete the San Francisco Archdiocese Safe School Program and adhere to all school safety policies.

An Inside Look

St. John Middle School is a private Catholic middle school located in San Francisco. Take a peek at our school days and special events. Visit our School Gallery!