St. John School strives for academic excellence with an emphasis on independent thinking and life-long learning. Our goal is to produce well-rounded students that are well prepared to succeed in the high school of their choice. We also focus on the use of technology—not as a single course, but completely immersed into the curriculum.

Primary Cluster

The majority of our student body enroll at the kindergarten level. Our nurturing environment provides the infrastructure that enables our children to transition to learners. Learn more about our kindergarten program.

Grades 1-2 emphasize the fundamentals of our academic program. Our students access the underlying mastery of the subjects, and additionally learn to be good students through accentuating classroom etiquette, participation and personal responsibility for homework and grades. Technology is introduced via supplementary activities with laptops, iPads and special projects.

Middle Cluster

Building on our primary educational foundation, grades 3-5 expands to more advanced and independent learning. They are challenged by higher-level projects and more rigorous testing of their mastery of subjects. Dedicated iPad carts are utilized for research and basic presentation skills.

Junior High

Grades 6-8 continue to be stimulated by an expanding curricula with an emphasis on critical thinking and presentation skills. These students learn to master time management to accommodate the increasing demands of Junior High. Upon entering Grade 6, our students are required to have a personal iPad which will be used for in-class activities and homework assignments. The iPads are becoming fully incorporated into our Junior High curriculum. By the time our students graduate, they will have mastered this technology that is widely adopted at the higher education level.


From kindergarten onward computers are utilized in the classroom. Instead of learning computer skills as a separate course, technology is integrated into the standard curriculum and increases in complexity and application as the grade level increases.

Language and Fine Arts

To supplement the core curriculum, we provide opportunities for our students to participate in languages and fine arts. Spanish is part of the St. John curriculum for all grades. All students also participate in a special study of Shakespeare during the year. Our Fine Arts program includes Art, Music and Dance. Additionally, several after school programs are available.

Library and Technology Resources

The St. John Library contains over 5,000 volumes which are constantly refreshed via Book Fairs. The library has iPads available for student use and printer resources. Our staff librarian provides academic resources to the classrooms. In addition she provides instruction in storytelling, speech, current events and critical thinking skills.


Each homeroom currently offers free after-school tutoring twice a week from 3:15-4:15pm.