Thank you to our many St. John School parent volunteers!

We could not offer the wonderful experiences St. John students receive without the help and support of our dedicated and creative parent community! Parents and other family members provide a minimum of 40 service hours to the school each year. These adults bring their unique skills, including gardening, construction expertise, event management and classroom support. Our Athletic Department benefits from parents as coaches and event support. And fundraising events like our Halloween Fair, Crab Feed and School Olympics would not be possible without enthusiastic service from St. John School’s parent and guardians.

St. John School gladly adheres to the San Francisco Archdiocese Safe Environment policies.

  • If you volunteer in any capacity with the students you must be fingerprinted through the Archdiocese using the LiveScan system. You may obtain the necessary forms at the school office or on SchoolSpeak. You must also complete the Virtus Training program. This is a free child-protection online training offered by and required by the Archdiocese for all volunteers. Before volunteering please bring a Virtus Training Certificate of Completion to the school office. For the security and well-being of the students, there are no exceptions.
  • To enter the building for any reason other than to pick up or drop off your child, you must check in with the front office, sign in the Visitor’s Log and obtain a Visitor’s badge. Please also sign out before leaving the building.
  • The school is best served when your time at the school is for a specified time performing a specified task. Being a volunteer does not give you the freedom to visit classrooms while you are here. Unplanned visits can be a distraction to both teachers and student, which can result in a loss of educational time. Our commitment to our students is all of our top priority!

We welcome the time you give to the school and we appreciate your generosity.