St. John has an active, lively community life with ongoing events and educational activities for our students. There is often a school fundraiser, an educational speaker, or a special mass and prayer service around the corner. The St. John Welcome Committee is here to help answer questions for both prospective parents and families who are new to the school.

If you have visited the school and would like to speak with a parent to learn more about life at the school, feel free to contact one of these parents directly. They are also readily available for new families who would like to know more about what is happening now and to be prepared for upcoming events.

Welcome Committee

Patty Mayorga – Chair –

I am a mom of 5. Two of my children currently attend St. John, one in the lower grades and one in middle school. One of my sons graduated with the class of 2019 and is now in Sacred Heart Cathedral High School. My oldest daughter was an extended care teacher at St. John for 3 years. I have been a room parent and part of the PTG for about 9 years. My children are involved in various sports and activities at St. John, which they highly enjoy. My family truly appreciates the support and community at St. John.

Caroline Corner –

I am a mom to three boys at St John. My youngest is currently in 1st, my middle son is in 5th, and my eldest is in 7th. We love the community at St John and how the school really cares about its families. We also love the sports program and the proximity to the canyon, which sometimes means outdoor class adventures. The boys love the hot lunches and the guidance counselor has been great help at times. We are not Catholic, or religious, but have felt welcomed.

Jon Low –

I am a father of 2 kids, a graduate of St. John who is now a high school junior at Lowell High School and a 8th grader here at the school. I am part of the St. John Advisory Board, the Fathers’ Club, the PTG and the Welcome Committee. I also enjoy assistant coaching the school’s cross country team.

Kieran Mitchell –

My wife Anne and I are parents to two sons. Our eldest attended St. John and is now in high school at Sacred Heart Preparatory. We appreciated the friends and strong academic skill our son developed at St. John and he was very prepared to attend high school. Our youngest also graduated from St. John School and thrived with the support of world class teachers. I’m part of the St. John Advisory Board and Fathers’ Club. Please call me on my cell (510) 421-0365, if you would like a quick chat about what to expect at St. John.

Alumni Parent: Terry Cranford –

I am a proud Mother of a 2017 St John School graduate. My son attended St. John School from kindergarten through 8th grade. Our 9 years at the school was primarily an excellent experience in which my son excelled academically and enjoyed a variety of sports. My son is thriving as a junior in high school in Wisconsin and we are grateful for the foundation that he received at St. John School.