I share this reflection about June with you for what it’s worth:

“Clearly June is the time for being in the world in new ways, for throwing off the cold and dark spots of life. Life is physically easier now and spiritually pregnant with possibility. Warmth becomes a way of life that makes us open to new people and new experiences; flowers confront us with our responsibility for beauty.

June is the month that calls us out of our houses, out of ourselves, to become one with nature. It sweeps us up into the noise of life, into the warmth of life, into the community of life. Sit on your doorstep; take an aimless walk down the street; plant a small flower in a small pot. Be a tribute to creation. Be a part of the chorus of life.

Or try saying this silently to everyone and everything you see for thirty days and see what happens to your own soul; I wish you happiness now and whatever will bring happiness to you in the future. If we said it to the sky, we would have to stop polluting; if we said it when we see the ponds and lakes and streams, we would have to stop using them as garbage dumps and sewers; if we said it to small children we would have to stop abusing them, even in the name of training; if we said it to people, we would have to stop stoking the fires of enmity around us. Beauty and human warmth would take root in us like a clear, hot June day. We would change.

I just thought that it was good food for thought and I pass it on to you. It is hard to believe that in a few hours the school year 2017-2018 will be history. So much happened this year and now we are looking forward to a new school year. I want to share some of our news with you.”

As you are aware Mr. Banuelos will not be returning and Mr. Blaise Yates stepped in for me and did a great job. I asked Mr. Yates to consider remaining for the coming year and after some thought decided to stay. I am most grateful for this since he fits in so well and wants to be a part of our community. He has had 15 years of teaching experience and loves what he does. We welcome him! Mr. Jackson will not be returning next year. He is pursuing his education and will be working on his
Master’s Degree. We will miss him but we always encourage continuing education. He will be in the area and will stop in to visit. We are presently searching for a Math teacher. We have some good candidates and I just need the time to see who I want to call in for an interview.

All the primary and middle grade teachers are stable and returning. We are blessed to have the faculty we have and when we hire on some new people our family will be complete. Our Transitional Kindergarten is moving forward and we are working on making room for the little bodies. As the summer progresses I will keep you informed.

Our summer school continues to accept students. If you have not registered please do by the end of this week. If you received notice about summer school please take it seriously. For some promotion rests with summer school attendance. Please bring your tuition balance down to zero so you will be able to pick up your registration packet. Yesterday we had Kindergarten Graduation and it was great. The little ones performed, received awards and diplomas. All in all it was good. Now we are really finished. Today is Awards Assembly at 11:00 and then we are finished.

I think that’s all for this year. Thank you for your continued support no matter what I ask.

Sister Shirley Ann, OSU