Support St. John arts and infrastructure, and enjoy great snacks. St. John is working with Double Good popcorn to raise money for our LEAP Arts in Education program. We hope to raise 10K to support quality art instruction through the latter half of the academic year. We know with your help we will reach this goal!

Fundraiser Dates: September 3 – 7, 2021
Shop Online: Visit the St. John Double Good popcorn store!

“Popped fresh, just for you.”

Double Good doesn’t pop a kernel until an order is placed. They offer 16 unique popcorn flavors. Each St. John order is made in small batches and popped to order, so each bag is a freshly made snack. Crunchy and delicious!

50% of every dollar supports our students.

Double Good will give St. John School 50% of every dollar you spend. Thank you for supporting our arts education. Visit our popcorn store!

What Flavor Popcorn will you buy?

St. John School’s DoubleGood Popcorn store offers 16 amazing popcorn flavors. Double Good has received attention from the Food Network to Cosmopolitan Magazine. In Queso Fire was voted best popcorn flavor by Food & Wine, in a taste test that included over 30 gourmet popcorns. Will you try Little Kettle that Could, In a Carmel Nutshell, My Main Cheese, White Cheddar Go Getter, Chi-town Chowdown, Caramel-Diem, Easy Peasy Caramel Cheesy, Seargeant Salt & Pepper, Waddle You Do for Cookies?, Butter Believe It!, Fruity Fruity Bang Bang, In Queso Fire, Paint It Milk Chocolate, It’s Peanut Butter Chocolate Time, or a sampler pack? Learn more.

What is St. John School’s arts education?

St. John School partners with San Francisco’s Leap Arts in Education program to provide all of our TK-8th grade students with music, dance, theater, and visual arts classes. Each segment will run for 6 weeks over the course of the academic year.

Leap professional teaching artists design classroom curriculum with students, families, and community in mind. Instructors focus on cultural awareness, individual empowerment, and equity within and across local communities. Leap instruction promotes a broader sense of self, encouraging students to recognizes themselves as individuals with special talents.

Extra funds raised will be used to meet the goals we have set to reach the highest standards of building and infrastructure safety for our students (learn more about supporting our Bathroom Renovation).

Why Double Good?

Double Good is a Chicago-based popcorn company committed to creating joy by helping kids. By aligning their popcorn business with fundraising, Double Good has helped countless students, young athletes, and kids’ groups raise funds that enable the things those kids care about and love to do.