St. John School provides both onsite and distance learning to TK, Kindergarten, elementary and middle school students in San Francisco. We are open and are accepting mid-year transfers. Applications for Fall 2021 are also underway.

Onsite Learning – St. John Elementary and Middle School
St. John Catholic School - San Francisco - Onsite Instruction - Middle School
7th Grade students inspect onion skins during Science class.

St. John School received permission to resume safe, onsite education in October, 2020. Our TK – 2nd grade classes returned first, followed by 3rd grade – 5th grade, and finally our 6th grade – 8th grade classes. All classes have a mix of onsite and distance learners. Families are given the opportunity to return onsite based on prescribed dates and circumstances, giving parents maximum flexibility while ensuring the classroom remains a stable and consistent experience for all students.

Onsite learning is different now – but still great!

St. John Catholic School - San Francisco - Onsite InstructionPreparation for onsite learning required tremendous effort to prepare each classroom to meet the safety requirements of both the school administration and San Francisco’s Department of Public Health. Teachers spent initial in-class days training students to follow safety procedures, including handwashing, mask-wearing, use of hand sanitizer, prescribed paths through the school, social distancing during work and play, and much more. The students in every grade, TK through middle school, have worked hard and learned quickly! Learn more about St. John School’s Covid Safety Plan.

St. John Catholic School - San Francisco - Onsite EducationOur classrooms are bare but our academic and social environment is rich. To create space and limit surface exposure, all excess furniture and materials have been removed from classrooms and common spaces. Our normally vibrant, colorful rooms now contain desks wrapped in plastic barriers, chairs, and a bin for each student’s backpack and supplies, and only necessary teaching materials. This has not disappointed our students. They remain focused on school and friendship, grateful to be back in a focused academic environment with opportunities to enjoy time with other students.

Our students are thriving. Thanks to our cadre of experienced teachers and dedicated staff, St. John students continue to gain academic ground, scoring well in every core subject! They are also enjoying outdoor recess and P.E., including active games, jogging, and nutrition education.

“My kids radiate relief, ” says one of our parents. “I’ve never seen them so glad to be in school!”

St. John teachers provide simultaneous instruction to learners in class and at home. St. John is accepting transfers for this academic year and applications for Fall enrollment. To learn more about TK – Middle School education with St. John, schedule a virtual tour.

Distance Learning – St. John Elementary and Middle School

Distance learning remains an avenue for exceptional learning and St. John is making it happen alongside in-person education. Our administration, staff, and teachers committed incredible effort over the summer to be fully prepared for distance learning when school began in August. They maintained this effort to be prepared for onsite and distance learning to happen in parallel when SFDPH granted the school permission to accept students onsite. They continue to display tremendous presence and organization, committing to continued, sustainable and excellent education for all of our students, TK- 8th graders, onsite and learning at home.

St. John distance learning students experience a full day of education. Through a mix of live zooms and posted videos, instruction supports the flexibility needed by families educating alongside changeable work schedules and family care concerns. All core subjects are fully covered, as well as Physical Education and Spanish. Students have opportunities to socialize outside of instruction time, including some lunchtimes “hosted” by teachers. Homework and testing are managed through a mix of physical and online platforms, with an eye toward making all aspects of St. John education thorough and challenging, while remaining manageable for families.

We still hear laughter as our 2nd grade distance learners read together in small groups. We see our students’ heads bent over their work at dining room tables, solving math equations, and learning to write essays. Science continues to support “aha” moments as students begin to understand that the elements that make up the earth’s resources came from stars collapsing and exploding. Our distance learners still jump, bounce and jog their way through PE. St. John School remains committed to excellence, and flexibility, in education, onsite and at home. Distance hasn’t slowed our students down!

St. John is accepting transfers for this academic year and applications for Fall enrollment. To learn more about TK – Middle School education with St. John, schedule a virtual tour.

Distance Learning with St. John School - San Francisco -Middle School & Elementary School