St. John Student Learning Expectations – TK – 8th Grade

St. John School emphasizes and is committed to whole child development. From TK to Middle School, we help students learn how to exercise self-control and wisdom in the joyful discipline of caring for others. We have established schoolwide student learning expectations to help guide students along this path. Our expectations are clearly introduced, taught, and posted schoolwide as both reminder and encouragement. We believe in our students’ capability to engage in and meet these expectations. Learn more about our TK-2nd grade, 3rd-5th grade, and middle school learning expectations.

Exhibit – Appreciate – Grow – Learn – Explore – Serve

Exhibit kindness and live like Jesus

  • I will use kind words and actions.
  • I will love Jesus and teach others about him.

Appreciate ourselves and others

  • I will encourage and guide others.
  • I will celebrate each person’s differences.

Grow in knowledge by doing our best.

  • I will participate.
  • I will complete my work on time.
  • I will grow in my love for Jesus.

Learn with an open heart

  • I will take risks.
  • I will listen to my teacher and classmates.

Explore how we can help the world

  • I will take care of my school.
  • I will take care of my school community.

Serve all of God’s children

  • I will help classmates who struggle in school.
  • I will help others in my life.

GRADES 3 – 5
Exhibit – Appreciate – Grow – Learn – Explore – Serve

Exhibit the willingness to live and serve like Jesus

  • I will pray and go to Mass.
  • I will learn about God and live my Catholic/Christian faith.

Appreciate and respect ourselves and others

  • I will learn to appreciate the differences in other people.
  • I will help others as Jesus did.

Grow in your love of learning

  • I will listen with curiosity and use new-found skills to challenge myself.
  • I will discover and use the gifts and talents God has given me.

Learn and apply academic skills

  • I will seek help and work to the best of my ability.
  • I will apply my academic skills to be a positive decision maker.

Explore how you can help the world

  • I will consciously respond to the needs of society.
  • I will take care of God’s earth and commit myself to be environmentally aware.

Serve all of God’s creation

  • I will relate daily activities to living God’s way through worship and prayer, personally and with my community.
  • I will apply awareness of local, national, and global needs through service to others.

Middle School / Junior High
Exhibit – Appreciate – Grow – Learn – Explore – Serve

Exhibit tolerance, justice, and service to others with a spirit that is both Christian and compassionate

  • How do I use words and actions to show the world a Christ-like spirit of love?
  • How do I work to create a more just and tolerant world?
  • How do I pray with a compassionate heart?

Appreciate and encourage our individual gifts and the gifts of others.

  • How do I respect and cultivate my own unique talents? How do I respect and cultivate the talents of others?
  • How do I express thanks for my own gifts and those of others?
  • How does prayer teach me to appreciate, encourage, and accept myself and others?

Grow in a collaborative awareness to journey across the spectrum of academics and life.

  • How do I draw connections between different academic subject areas?
  • How does the knowledge I gain become a part of my perspective in life?

Learn academic skills that will lead to analysis and innovation throughout life.

  • How do I use my thinking skills to question and evaluate the world around me?
  • How do I strive to make the most of my education?
  • How can trust in God help me create new possibilities in the world?

Explore our limitless potential to leave a positive impact on our world.

  • Each day, how do I leave the world a better place than I found it?
  • How does the knowledge I earn connect me to my better self?
  • How does God open new paths for me to improve the world?

Serve as stewards of the environment and the global community

  • How will I leave the world a better place for generations after me?
  • How can I become mindful of my impact in the environment?
  • How can prayer help me care for all of God’s creation?