Distance learning isn’t easy, and it’s no one’s favorite choice for dynamic, well-rounded education. Teachers want to teach in a room full of kids raising their hands to answer questions. Students want to see their friends and walk halls side by side. Everyone misses the push and pull of energy and surprise produced by a classroom full of elementary or junior high students. And then there’s recess.

Distance learning is still an avenue for exceptional learning, however, and St. John is making it happen. Our administration, staff, and teachers committed incredible effort over the summer to be fully prepared when school began in August. They continue to display  tremendous presence and organization, committing to continued, sustainable and excellent education for all of our students, TK- 8th graders.

St. John students experience a full day of education. Through a mix of live zooms and posted videos, instruction supports the flexibility needed by families educating alongside changeable work schedules and family care concerns. All core subjects are fully covered, as well as Physical Education and Spanish. Students have opportunities to socialize outside of instruction time, including some lunchtimes “hosted” by teachers. Homework and testing is managed through a mix of physical and online platforms, with an eye toward making all aspects of St. John education thorough and challenging, while remaining manageable for families.

We still hear laughter as our 2nd grade “meets for lunch” on Fridays. We see our students’ heads bent over work, solving math equations and learning to write essays. Science continues to support “aha” moments as students begin to understand that the elements that make up the earth’s resources came from stars collapsing and exploding. Our students jump, bounce and jog their way through PE. St. John School remains committed to excellence, and flexibility, in education. Distance hasn’t slowed our students down.