St. John Team Sports

St. John School fields team sports through Catholic Youth Organization (CYO) and San Francisco Parks and Recreation. We focus on having fun while learning the skills of each sport, not necessarily on “winning”. Good sportsmanship is imperative for competitors, coaches, and parents. We embrace CYO’s motto: Remember: the game is for the kids. Nonetheless, our kids are often competitive in the leagues and we have been blessed with several championship teams over the years.

Our Teams

St. John School participates in a variety of team sports, following the interests of girls and boys in each grade. St. John partners with San Francisco Youth Baseball League (SFYBL) and the Catholic Youth Organization (CYO) Athletics Program to offer St. John students the following team sports:

Co-Ed T-Ball & Baseball
Kindergarten Co-ed T-Ball (SFYBL)
Grade 1–2 Co-ed Coach-Pitch Baseball (SFYBL)
Grade 3-8 Co-ed Baseball (CYO)

Grade 3–8 Girls and Boys Basketball (CYO)

Co-Ed Cross Country
Grade 3–8 Co-ed Cross Country (CYO)

Grade 3–8 Girls and Boys Soccer (CYO)

Co-Ed Track and Field
Grade 3-8 Co-ed Track and Field 

Grade 3-8 Girls and Boys Volleyball (CYO)