St. John School is open and accepting applications for mid-year transfers for TK, elementary, and middle school/junior high students!

Approved to Reopen – October 20, 2020

St. John School was approved to reopen by SFDPH and reopened on October 20, 2020 with full day, 5 days/week in-person instruction.

St. John School was inspected by SFDPH on October 8th and was approved to reopen. We welcomed back our first round of students (TK-2) into the building on October 20, 2020.  St. John School is open to all elementary and middle school/junior high school students (TK-8th grade), 5 days a week, for full-day in-person instruction. We continue to offer distance learning for families wishing to remain at home. Read our comprehensive COVID-19 Safety Plan for more information about the application process and requirements St. John has met in order to receive approval for continued onsite education.

We requested a second site visit by SFDPH on December 18th to open additional spaces for use. A full site assessment was conducted again and we were fully compliant.

Learn more about our Mid-Year Transfer process or schedule a virtual school tour.