St. John School Tuition and Fees: 2020–2021

We seek to provide affordable private Catholic school education for San Francisco and Bay Area families. The Archdiocese of San Francisco offers a variety of Financial Aid assistance programs for families with financial need. All enrolled families also receive lower tuition through completing a minimum of service hours during the school year.

Participating Families

Families receive reduced monthly tuition by providing service hours to the school community.

Number of Enrolled ChildrenAnnual TuitionMonthly Tuition

Participating families agree to provide the school with a minimum of 20 volunteer hours for a single-parent family and 40 volunteer hours for a two-parent family during the school year. Service hours may be fulfilled a variety of ways throughout the school year. Parents assist with school functions, fundraisers and field trips, as well volunteering in the classroom and serving as room parents and on PTG committees.

Non-Participating Families

Families that prefer not to fulfill service hours will be billed at the full tuition rate.

Number of Enrolled ChildrenAnnual TuitionMonthly Tuition
Registration Fees

Additional registration fees will apply at the following rates. Registration, annual fees, and 8th Grade graduation fee (where applicable) may be paid contact-free through Venmo.

Number of Enrolled ChildrenRegistration Fee

Additional Annual Fees, per family

 Additional Fees
Fine Arts Fee$175
Capital Improvement$250

Eighth Grade Graduation Fee (Eighth Grade Families Only)

St. John’s eighth grade class will lead a variety of fundraisers to raise money for eighth grade graduation events. In addition, each family of an eighth grader will pay a fee of $450 to support costs for the end of year graduation celebration.