Dear Parents/Guardian,

Another week has slipped through our fingers and as I walk the building I see parents working with some of our little ones. As a volunteer you are certainly a “Gift to the Community” in so many ways. We love having you here and the children enjoy seeing you here. I do need to share a few items around volunteering that have been brought to my attention:

  • If you are here on a consistent basis on a regularly scheduled day you must be fingerprinted and complete an online course. This is a rule from the Archdiocese. Anyone working with children on a regular basis needs to comply with this.
  • You must always check in with the front office and obtain a “Visitor’s” badge. This just lets everyone in the building know you belong here.
  • Your time at the school is only for a specified time performing a specified task. Being a volunteer does not give you the freedom to visit classrooms while you are here. This is a distraction not only to the teacher but also to the children.

We welcome the time you give to the school and we appreciate your generosity. Be sure to mark your service hours on SchoolSpeak. Naturebridge is coming…we need to begin collecting the fees for this. Please send in your $189.00 as soon as possible. This is also for the chaperones. All fees need to be in by October 4, 2016. Any questions please call.

Last week I brought up the issue around traffic and how we asked that you please use your signal to turn into the yard. It was reported today that things are much better since this has been happening. It tells those behind you to be patient and wait until you are called to go into the yard. The traffic squad thanks you.

The first week of November will be our Parent-Teacher Conferences. There will be a 12:30 dismissal everyday with conferences beginning at 1:00. Please be watching SchoolSpeak for sign-up schedules under your child’s grade. Instead of the regular 20 minute sessions we will be giving a half hour to each family. The new STAR testing needs to be explained and understood so you will need that time as well as time to review report cards. If, by chance, you are not able to fit into any scheduled times please contact the front office and Mrs. “O” will arrange a time for you with the teacher.

Thank you so much for your support of the Candy/Catalogue Sale. To date we have grossed approximately $70,000(all money has not been sent in). This is certainly a credit to each one of you. When numbers are finalized I will pass the information on to you. We are already planning our Marine World trip in the spring.

Please, please turn in your Emergency Bags. You were provided with a plastic bag, all you need to do is fill it for your child. We know it’s not “if” but “when” another earthquake happens. Your child will need some food to snack on while he/she is waiting for a pick up. Depending on the severity of the quake it could be a wait. Please be sure on your Emergency Form you have someone listed to pick up your child should you not be able to do so.

I feel I need to comment about children arriving late to school. There seems to be a large number of children arriving up to a half hour late. I realize emergencies do happen but this is becoming a regular occurrence for some. Late arrival disrupts the teaching and embarrasses the student. Please work to get your child to school on time. This is a good lesson for them for later in life when they have to be on time for a job. Thanks.

The 4th grade class thanks all of you for supporting their bake sale to help defray the cost of Coloma. That one morning they made $850! Great work from the parents who ran the sale and a huge THANKS to all who participated. These are the times when we can see our “family” in action.

On Wednesday we had a “Lockdown” drill. The children did well. It is sad that we have to practice these drills but in order for all to be safe they are a necessity. I did note some areas where we could make improvements and I will get on that immediately. I will be purchasing walkie-talkies for each teacher so all are able to keep in contact in an emergency. We will also be putting small shades on the windows in the doors for lockdown. Lastly, we will be frosting the lower windows in grades 2, 3 and 6. All this is done for the safety of our children.

Next Tuesday, October 4 th , the feast of St. Francis, we will have our annual “Pet Blessing.” You are welcome to bring any and all pets (in cages or on leashes) to school by 2:00. We will all meet in the assembly area and we will bless all the “critters.” This is always a special day for our children. Animals may not be brought to school in the morning to spend the day.

Have a wonderful weekend!

Sister Shirley