Dear Parents,

Another week has gone by and we are at Friday again. We have completed the first quarter of school and that hardly seems possible. The holidays are upon us and it begins with Halloween. We have been celebrating Spirit Week and today we had a donut eating contest at assembly. Each day the 8 th grade does something different involving the entire school. It is loads of fun but it puts the children in a playful mood for the rest of the day. Poor teachers!!!!

On another note it is definitely a time to be grateful for all we have. I talk with the students about having all they need but maybe not all they want. We are so lucky to have what we have. I drove to Santa Rosa yesterday to visit our property for the first time and it was devastating. Not only ours but also all the surrounding neighborhood. Once over the shock it was the realization that all the sisters were safe and being cared for. What more do we need? I share with you:

Just a few items to remember for the upcoming week:

  • It has been brought to my attention that parents are picking up children after 6:00 from Extended Care. I have said this before the program closes at 6:00 and there is a fee for any time after that. Mrs. Grande has been working all day, meets the needs of all the children and needs to leave at 6:00. Please be considerate of her time and her needs. Going forward should you be later than 6:00 the fee will be included in your Extended Care fee and given to Mrs. Grande.
  • Halloween is a big day here so know you are more than welcome to join us. The day begins with the parade of grades, then the awarding of prizes for the various contests that have taken place and finally the day will end with the 8 th grade carnival. Dismissal is at 1:30 on Tuesday. A reminder that Monday is Pajama Day. Pajamas may be worn to school but for safety no slippers. Shoes must be worn for the day.
  • On Halloween night we will be handing out candy at the front door of school. Chenery Street is packed with families trick-or-treating with their children. If you have nowhere to go come to Chenery Street and join the fun!
  • On Wednesday we will be going to church for All Saints Day Mass. You are welcome to come and walk with our children.
  • We are up to 240 tickets sold for the Fall Dinner. We are closing the seating at 260 so if you plan to attend you had better buy your tickets now. It is always a fun family event with lots of good food and great auction prizes.

Thanks for all you continue to be and do for me and for the school. I do appreciate you more than words can express.

Sister Shirley, OSU